Gayhealth.sg launches new youth-led programme for gay and bi men

What does home mean to you? For many of us, growing up queer/questioning, meant the community, which has expanded from the staple of online chat rooms, bars, clubs, saunas, community based organizations to include mobile apps and other digital spaces. These are the safe spaces where we can be ourselves, accepted, and loved.

What we call home, has changed dramatically over the last few years.

While the internet has provided generations of gay men a platform to meet, it isn’t always a safe haven for young gay and bi men. It is clearer than ever that safe, physical spaces to exist is needed. A space where young gay and bi men can connect, access sexual health services, and build a support network.

Pink Carpet Y programme provides a social safe space via a drop-In centre for the young MSM under 25 years old to gain sexual health education/prevention through peer-led activities. These activities include workshops on various topics i.e. HIV and Testing 101, Negotiation for Safer Sex, Surviving on a limited budget, cooking, dating, breakups, coming out to friends and family.

Through this programme, we aim to promote the importance of being sex positive and knowing more about sexual health in bid to reduce the rising rates of HIV amongst this high risk group.

Pink Carpet Y currently has 106 members in Facebook secret group and an average of 10-20 attendees for the weekly Drop-In sessions, 9 volunteers trained as peer youth counsellor, 150 complimentary HIV tests and 500 condoms packages were given out through our outreach activities. We hope to grow our support group by continuously providing a safe space for these youths.

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