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Best TV Short Drama - iTVFest 2016

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Based on the true-to-life characters, proudly presents ‘People Like Us’ the web series. Following the lives of four gay men in Singapore, ‘People Like Us’ is a poignant reflection and insightful look at being gay in Singapore.  In addition to the sexual escapades and relationships that unfolds between them, the show explores critical health issues.

So, it’s Friday night, possibly the most important day on the #gayagenda. Rai, Joel, Ridzwan & Issac are prepping themselves before heading out. Rai, after bookout,  is trying to score a date with Joel, while Joel is finishing up his routine at the Gym. Ridzwan is at a sauna, hunting for his next hookup and Issac settles in, and popped a Viagra. Four men. Lust, love, life. People Like Us. Launching Soon.

" Raising HIV Awareness through PLU Series"

"People Like Us – a new series about gay men in Singapore"




Rio WebFest People Choice Awards: Best Cinematography and Best Diversity Series

NYC Web Festival 2016

Roma Web Fest: Best Mini Web Series


8th Annual Indie Series Awards: Best Web Series-Drama, Best Directing, Best Supporting Actor-Drama, Best Editing & Best Cinematography

Hollyweb Festival 2017

iTVFest: Best TV Short Drama

Meet The Characters


ISAAC is a 45-year-old senior private banker. He used to lead a double life when he was married but is now enjoying his newly found freedom. He hosts chem-sex parties at his luxury condo apartment on weekends.


RIDZWAN is a 30-year-old accountant. He is your typical “discreet, fun only, top here, no place” gay man who frequents saunas. He keeps to himself, and segregates his work, social and sexual activities.


JOEL is a 26-year-old yuppie who works in a PR firm. He lives with his parents and is out to everyone who cares to know. Attractive, smart but impatient, Joel hasn’t had a relationship that lasted more than 3 months


RAI is a 20-year-old NSF who is new to the scene. He is an idealistic, young, gay man who goes on dates searching for Mr. Right. Unfortunately, his dates tend to end tragic-comically and he loses faith in finding love in a world where sex is on everyone’s mind.