HIV Refresher / Movie Night

To all the participants who made it to our HIV refresher course, a huge thank you.

The HIV Refresher workshop that was conducted on Saturday July 12, 2014, was meant for us to learn from each other through knowledge sharing and it addresses topics such as basic

HIV knowledge, understanding the steps to reduce the risks of getting HIV and HIV testing.

Many people regard HIV/AIDS with much fear and our workshops aim to dispel some of these myths associate with it, making the topic, approachable, and manageable. One of the interesting question that got everybody confused was “Having many sex partners increases your chance of getting HIV even though you are using condoms.” The answer to this question was not meant to be straightforward, true or false, but to let us reflect on the preconceived notion of people who have multiple sex partners.

Sometime it just takes one partner to be infected. The social judgement prevents people from having open dialogs about sex, preventive measures and HIV. Yet sex (for most) is an integral part of the community and being a sex positive platform and thus, we believe that it’s not how many, but how you have sex that counts.

We ended the workshop by watching a Hong Kong film about a couple who have to make tough decisions about their relationship when one got infected with HIV.

Our result: 15 participants with over 95% increased basic knowledge of HIV.

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