Oogachaga – Open Door 2014


Oogachaga is back with Open Door on Fridays!

Starting in August 2014, we will again be offering a series of informative sharing sessions, open to men who identify as gay, bisexual, questioning, queer or even straight! You may sign up for a single session, for all 4 sessions under each of the 3 themes, or all 12 sessions. Or whatever combination you feel like!

Donations & food contributions are most welcome, as no fees will be charged, and light refreshments will be provided.

Time: Fridays, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Address: Oogachaga Centre, 57B Pagoda Street, Singapore 059216

Directions: The Centre is on the 3rd/ 4th floor of a shophouse on Pagoda Street, above Chinatown MRT station exit A, directly facing the Tin Tin Shop. Click for our centre’s location.


For more information please click here:  Open Door 2014

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