Know your status and come talk to our friendly Pink Carpet counselors

At Gayhealth we understand the dread in going for a HIV test. Just as you can remember the prick on your finger or being asked to open your mouth for a quick swab, we want you to remember that we are here for you all the way.

You probably got tested because you wanted to know the truth about your own body. The truth is, if one is tested positive then they can seek treatment earlier and get back to their daily routine, rather have health complications and difficulties in the long term.

So here are the reasons for testing:

  1. You just met HIM and you need to know your status, and in doing so encourage him to get tested as well.
  2. You want to support your worried friend by getting tested together.
  3. Because your last test was six months ago and you had one too many nights of fun without condoms.
  4. You tested positive a while back and want your friends or friend with benefits to test. You are not sure about your status.
  5. You are not sure about your status.
  6. You heard about PrEP and wanted to test first before taking it.
  7. and…..The “ONE” you met is HIV+ so you mind as well test.

We know how hard it is to go for a HIV test that’s why Gayhealth is making it more easier for you to find out your status by being on Duxton Rd. If you cannot make it, then come see us at the Anonymous Testing Service and ask for the Pink Carpet Service. See you Saturday September 10 @ 10 pm-1am.