Young Instagrammers who find that condoms are sexy.

So many guys on Grindr, so little time. That’s if I am single and looking. Since I am not looking, I wonder if the guys around my age still think about using condoms when they have sex.

HIV and STIs remain high among the younger gay boys – a passionate moment might turn into sleepless nights, wondering if he was ‘clean’ or not. To combat this worry, condoms were invented as a protective measure with 99.99% being effective when used correctly.

Condom companies bring out different variations of condoms hoping that guys like me would use them; some sleek, some ribbed and some are even flavoured!

With the new Okamoto .003, .002 and latest .001 they try to make you feel like au naturale but does this really work with younger boys?



Bryan a.k.a Rubaysious

Trust me, its way sexier and fun wearing a condom #itried

Preferred condom brand: Durex



To me, condoms display the utmost confidence. When he puts it on, he is confident in being your protector; committing himself into protecting you on top of himself in an intimate moment. That feeling of comfort knowing you are in  safe hands because of his confidence makes him sexy.

Preferred condom brand: Okamoto’s Sensation. Nothing beats having one of the thinnest condoms around to feel every inch of him.



Condoms are SEXY as they can make SERIOUS SPARKS fly. Rather than seeing it as a barrier or disruption, it should be seen as a tool that enhances sexual pleasure. Condoms does not repel people from getting close but SILENCE does. Using a condom will cultivate intimacy and deepen the BOND as it displays care for the well-being of each other. Talking about sex, initiating condom usage or even discreetly showing it to your partner to know what’s on his mind!

Preferred condom brand: Okamoto



I think condoms are sexy cos of the different flavors and textures.

Preferred condom brand: The brand I like is the one you see in the photo, Marquis.



I get turned on when I see condoms and they can do wonderful things.

Preferred condom brand: Sagami

Action for AIDS (AfA) is giving away free condoms to anyone who wants them in efforts to increase awareness of the need to practice safer sex.

When used consistently and correctly, condoms are highly effective in preventing the spread of HIV so ACT NOW!


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  5. Enjoy!

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