Announcement from AfA and Gayhealth

We understand the confusion that our community is having right now about the recent announcement from the Health Science Authority (HSA) to recall 9 lots of the SD Bioline HIV Ag/Ab combo test kit. Here are some of the concerns we are addressing to ensure the safety of our community’s health.

Q. Which test kit is being recalled?
A. Only the 4th Generation test kit from February 2016-March 2017 have been recalled. We have discontinued the SD Bioline after March 2017.

Q. I had tested early February with the 4th Gen and I was recommended by the counsellor to come back for a confirmation test. The confirmation test was in May 2017 with the 3rd Gen test kit, will the recall affect me?
A. The recall will affect those who tested early within the window period using the 4th Gen and have not come back for the confirmatory test after the third month from exposure.
If you feel that you have been affected, then please come to our Anonymous Testing Service.

Q. Would I get a refund for the test I have done early this year?
A. Unfortunately we are an anonymous clinic and have no records for those who use our service and are therefore unable to provide any refund.

NOTE: Our standard guidelines require our counsellors to recommend the confirmation test to all those assessed to have had a high-risk exposure. Clients who have followed our protocol will not be affected by the recall.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office.

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