The Sexy Gay PrEP Video We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Gay men have been bombarded with the same HIV prevention message for 30 years. We have been told to “USE A CONDOM AND GET TESTED!”. It is a one size fit all message, and if it’s anything to do with size, we know there are different sizes for all our different needs.

But it’s only natural that many gay men fail to use condoms consistently and correctly, and we have the data to prove it too.

Gayhealth polled over 1200 gay and bisexual men during last year’s venue-based testing project, at the sauna, bars and clubs. The survey gave us valuable insights to sexual behaviours and safer sex practices. We found that only 61% stated that a condom is ALWAYS used with casual partners, and this number is even lower, at just 49% with partners they trust and have known for more than 6 months. This number has been consistently low when compared to previous years’ surveys.