• Pink Dot 2017

    A rainbow in a sea of pink. 20,000 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. 500 Volunteers. 120 Local Sponsors. 3 Amazing Ambassadors. One Singapore.

  • Freedom To Love

    2500 pledges to support the #FreedomToLove

  • Love is love

Gayhealth is : Sex Life Healing Sunlight Nature Art Serenity Spirit

2500 people picked up a badge, and made a pledge, to support the freedom to love at Pink Dot 2017. Pledge badges were handed out by our lovely angels and were all snapped up in less then 3 hours. This is the 3rd year Gayhealth have handed out these badges, and they continue to serve as a simple, but powerful gesture to show our support towards LGBTQIA individuals.

The gay community is disproportionately affected by HIV, and without your support and love, we will not be able to provide the assistance required. In 2016 alone, the Paddy Chew Patient Welfare Fund handed out $46,950 to help support the cost of treatment and care for 47 persons living with HIV. Volunteers contributed close to 10,000 hours to help us keep Singapore’s largest anonymous HIV testing center safe, and affordable.

If you’d like to continue to show your support, you can either sign up as a volunteer, or make a donation on our website.