This guide is aimed at empowering LGBT couples and families to address the legal issues commonly faced by them in Singapore. Section 377A of the Penal Code, which criminalises sex between men, remains.

Despite the challenges that 377A, and the current political climate poses to our community, we are growing stronger. Increasingly, more are coming out of the closet too, living ordinary lives with their partners, and some, with their children, albeit, legally unrecognised. Hence, it has become even more important for the LGBT community to know how, and why, the existing community law applies to their families, and be empowered with the information to protect themselves under the law.

While pro-bono clinics exist and there are even guidebooks for the average person, the needs of the LGBT community are unique and may not be addressed by these avenues.  That’s why Same But Different, have created this handy guidebook to bridge this gap, making the law, and fulfilling your dreams, of starting a family, as accessible as possible. They have gone to great lengths, breaking down complex legal concepts, presenting it in layman terms, guiding the readers through the lives of fictional LGBT families.

The guide is put together by a team of lawyers, law students and academics have already been put together to work on the content of the book since November 2015. All the contributors are working on a completely voluntary basis.

Head over to their website for more information and to download the guide book.

Who is Same But Different?

Same But Different is a non-profit project to bring easily understandable, sustained, free legal advice on some issues faced by LGBT Couples & Families in Singapore.