AfA Media Statement on the unauthorised possession and disclosure of information from MOH’s HIV Registry – 28 January 2019

Media Statement on behalf of the President, Action for AIDS, Singapore.

Action for AIDS is aware of unauthorised possession and disclosure of information from MOH’s HIV Registry.

We request that you refer to the Ministry of Health’s press release at for details.

Action for AIDS is deeply troubled by this incident that has the potential of damaging the lives of persons living with HIV and their loved ones.

We stand with all whose private information may have been accessed and violated. This is a criminal act that should be condemned and answered in the most severe terms possible.

We would like to urge members of the public to refrain from speculation and gossip. Do not share this confidential and private information if you see it, we encourage members of the public who have any information or have other concerns to contact the MOH hotline at 6325 9220.

We understand that this is a trying time for the many who are affected by this breach, and we would like to express our solidarity as a community that have been affected by HIV. Rest assured that support is available. Please reach out to your respective hospital’s care unit or your medical social workers and counsellors.

If we all stand firm in this matter, we can limit the damage of this theft.

Prof Roy Chan
Action for AIDS, Singapore