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Volunteers are one of the most important resources for our organisation. They come from all walks of life and are of diverse nationalities. They give their time, energy and talent to others, expecting nothing in return. They are the life of all our programmes, the heart and soul of our organisation. Without their dedication and hard work, nothing we do would be possible. Get Involved and Join us as a volunteer today

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Singapore Goes Pink!

    Singapore, 22 May 2014 – The movement supporting the Freedom to Love returns for its sixth consecutive year with new Ambassadors, a community-focused campaign video, and a more interactive and reflective atmosphere at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park. This year, Pink Dot shines the spotlight on the community and their perspectives on […]

The number of homosexual and bisexual cases has risen from 166 in 2009 to 247 last year. Action for Aids says the rise could be due to the availability of effective anti-retroviral medication and a degree of "condom fatigue" in Singapore. -- ST FILE PHOTO - See more at:

‘Worrying’ rise in HIV cases among gay men

The number of new cases of HIV and Aids in Singapore fell slightly last year to 454, 15 less than in 2012. However, the Action for Aids (AfA) group here said there has been a “worrying” rise in infections among homosexual men. The Ministry of Health revealed the figures yesterday, which also showed that the number […]

HIV Transmission Today

We have learned a lot about how HIV is transmitted. When AIDS first hit our community, no one knew why gay and bisexual men were becoming sick, or how it could be prevented. In the absence of knowledge, people came up with their own theories and prevention methods. Some of them turned out to be […]