[Updated – 8 Feb 2020] – 2019-nCoV infection advisory

  1. The anonymous test site (Pink Carpet) will stop its operations until further notice. The mobile testing service will continue to operate as usual.
  2. Staff and volunteers who have been to mainland China in the last 14 days must recuse themselves from clinic duties for at least 2 weeks from the day they return to Singapore.
  3. Clients with contact history (household contact of someone who traveled to China in the past 2 weeks or close contact of a known/suspect case of 2019-nCoV infection or close contact of someone under quarantine/leave of absence) or respiratory symptoms/fever will not be allowed into the office.
  4. Clients who are displaying flu like symptoms will not be allowed into the office and advised to seek medical attention immediately.
  5. All social and support groups have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Pink Carpet is a Gay and Bi men friendly sexual health service operating within the AfA Anonymous Test Site (ATS).

Regular testing puts you in control of your HIV and STI status allowing you to protect your health and the health of your sexual partners. However, we understand that that taking a HIV test can be a very stressful event, and that’s why we are here for you.

Pink Carpet wants to make the experience as simple, safe, and appropriate for the community.

If you find out you have HIV, you can then take steps to benefit your health, including talking to your doctor about treatment. There are plenty of services available to assist you with a new HIV diagnosis, including many provided by gayhealth.sg.

To find out more, please visit our Newly Diagnosed section.

If you are on PrEP, you may be entitled to free HIV Test. Speak to our counsellors at the clinic to find out more.

Operating Hours

Tues  & Wed : 6:30 PM to 8:15 PM

Sat: 1.30PM-3.15PM

The clinic is closed every eve of PH and PH

  • 4th Gen Test
    You can only test 14 days after you have been exposed to HIV.

    This test for both antibodies and antigen.

  • 3rd Gen Test
    You can only test 28 days after exposure.

    This only test for antibodies.

  • Syphilis
    Test 4 weeks after your last sexual exposure.
  • Consultation
  • Free Test
    If you are 25 and below, contact our youth programme coordinators to redeem your free test.

What To Expect

This service is entirely run by dedicated volunteers who identifies as gay or bi men. We have received extensive training provided by AfA, and follow a strict protocol that places your comfort, safety and anonymity as the priority.

  • Registration

    The registration process is simple, and straightforward. When you arrive at the clinic, simply fill up the form, no personal details are required. Hold on to your form and take a seat, your number will be called shortly. The receptionist will buzz for your number, which is the last 4 digits of the serial number.

    This serial number is the only way you will be identified throughout the whole process.

    Once your number is called, proceed to the reception counter, select the type of test you need and pay accordingly. If you have not done a syphilis test in 6 months, consider taking it too.

    If you are unsure, our volunteers will be happy to explain and guide you along.

    The clinic only accepts cash.

  • Pre-Test Discussion

    Before the test, our peer counsellor will guide you through a pre-test discussion about the following:

    • Your behaviour since your last test to help us accurately access your risk level and provide you with information that is important to you
    • Your understanding of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, how they are transmitted and how to protect yourself
    • The window period of the test you are taking, and what it means
    • What the test means and the implications of a positive or negative result
    • How Pink Carpet can support you after the test

    Our counsellors and volunteers are sex positive, open minded, and non-judgemental. We value your honesty, and respect your privacy.

  • Test

    At a separate room, trained volunteers will administer a quick and painless prick to collect a sample. After which, wait outside the room for the post-test counselling and your result(s).

    All the equipments are sterile, and is disposed off after each test.

  • Post Test-Counselling

    After the results are ready, your counsellor will release the results back in the room. They will also help you determine if today’s result is conclusive, and if a confirmatory another test is required.

    This is your chance to clarify any questions you have regarding the result(s) and your sexual health. Your counsellor may refer you to other community based organization or connect you other health services for treatment and follow up.

  • Everything Else

    We’re happy to discuss anything beyond the test, including:

    • PrEP
    • How to have the sex you want
    • Relationships
    • Living with HIV
    • STI screening
    • Substance abuse