Chemsex Fueling Sexual Compulsivity

The powerful sexual arousal, commanding energy, and extreme sense of self lead the user to become powerless over their erotic temptation, sexual behavior, and drug use. Sex becomes a person’s prime means for validation, excitement, pleasure, and meaning which nothing else compares to, creating an irresistible urge to have one’s needs met.

‘Stealthing’- secret removal of condom during sex

“Stealthing,” the secretive and non-consensual removal of a condom during otherwise consensual intercourse.

Over one third of LGBTI people in London suffer from mental health issues

A ‘worrying number’ of LGBTI people feel uncomfortable disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity to their GP

Updates on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

PrEP is available at the National University Hospital (NUH) at its Be Prepared Clinic and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, while the DSC Clinic in Kelantan Lane plans to offer it from the first quarter of next year.

Young Instagrammers Who Think Condoms are Sexy!

HIV and STIs remain high among the younger gay boys – a passionate moment might turn into sleepless nights, wondering if he was ‘clean’ or not. To combat this worry, condoms were invented as a protective measure with 99.99% being effective when used correctly.

Ex-swim star wins healthcare award

The skin doctor, who in 1988 founded the charity Action for Aids, was yesterday lauded by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong at an annual awards ceremony that recognised the contributions of healthcare professionals for their work in the field.

Student, 20, with HIV afraid to tell his parents

Younger people with HIV face a unique set of problems, from the stigma of having the disease to not having the emotional maturity to deal with it

The tragedy that ‘chemsex’ drugs can cause

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Hendron has told how his partner’s death weighs heavily on his shoulders.

Last week, at the Old Bailey, Hendron pleaded guilty to two charges of possession with intent to supply Class B and Class C drugs. He will be sentenced in early May, with the judge telling him that “all sentencing options remained open”. BBC producer Alexander Parkin had earlier admitted two counts of supplying controlled drugs.

Should you aim for a job where you know there’s a national skills gap?

Recent research carried out by weather protection equipment company Stormline found that one in three Britons were unable to name any specific occupations where a skills gap existed. Those who were able to list skills gaps often got it wrong.