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PinkDot 2017 Community Tent

We’re excited and grateful, as always to be a part of this year’s Pink Dot Community Tent. Join us at Pink Dot as we proudly present a collection of LGBT, and LGBT-friendly community groups and organizations. Below is a statement that is jointly issued by the community groups participating at this year’s event.


Just as we have seen local companies come forward to support Pink Dot in its time of need, so now we call on Singaporeans and Permanent Residents: on July 1, come to Speakers’ Corner, and let your voice be heard. Your pink ICs (blue for PRs) are now your passport to participate, and the symbol of our potential to make history, and set the course for a more truly inclusive future for Singapore.

Chemsex Fueling Sexual Compulsivity

The powerful sexual arousal, commanding energy, and extreme sense of self lead the user to become powerless over their erotic temptation, sexual behavior, and drug use. Sex becomes a person’s prime means for validation, excitement, pleasure, and meaning which nothing else compares to, creating an irresistible urge to have one’s needs met.