Massive drop in London HIV rates may be due to internet drugs

PrEP use has been rising in other countries, and some cities have also seen drops in new HIV diagnoses. San Francisco saw a 17 per cent fall in infection rates in 2015. “We are convinced that PrEP is responsible for the large decreases in new diagnoses,” Portman said in a tweet about the announcement.

Updates on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

PrEP is available at the National University Hospital (NUH) at its Be Prepared Clinic and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, while the DSC Clinic in Kelantan Lane plans to offer it from the first quarter of next year.

10th Singapore AIDS Conference

The 10th SAC aims to be a forum for those with an interest in HIV/AIDS to gather together to talk, share, discuss and propose solutions to stop the spread of HIV, remove HIV-related stigmatisation and discrimination, and improve care and support for PLHIV in Singapore.

Young Instagrammers Who Think Condoms are Sexy!

HIV and STIs remain high among the younger gay boys – a passionate moment might turn into sleepless nights, wondering if he was ‘clean’ or not. To combat this worry, condoms were invented as a protective measure with 99.99% being effective when used correctly.

MND backs university on expulsion of HIV-positive student

The student, called by the pseudonym Ah Li, tested positive for HIV in early 2012 at a hospital, which passed on the results to his school without his permission.

Ex-swim star wins healthcare award

The skin doctor, who in 1988 founded the charity Action for Aids, was yesterday lauded by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong at an annual awards ceremony that recognised the contributions of healthcare professionals for their work in the field.

Student, 20, with HIV afraid to tell his parents

Younger people with HIV face a unique set of problems, from the stigma of having the disease to not having the emotional maturity to deal with it

10 Reasons You Should Get an HIV Test

So here’s the truth. You may not want HIV, but if you have it, it’s much better to know you are HIV-positive so you can seek treatment and get back to living a happy, healthy, tra-la-la life.