MND backs university on expulsion of HIV-positive student

The student, called by the pseudonym Ah Li, tested positive for HIV in early 2012 at a hospital, which passed on the results to his school without his permission.

To stop HIV, we need to end the finger-pointing blame game

Recently the finger has been turned to point to certain drugs such as mephedrone and the emergence of smartphone apps such as Grindr that make it easier for people to hook up – the powerful combination of stronger, cheaper stimulants and the means to contact a lot of “up-for-it” men in a short period of time.

Hate Cannot Be Allowed to Take Root in Singapore

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has called for dialogue and engagement. It is our hope, as an LGBT community, that through meaningful dialogue and engagement, our leaders will get the opportunity to better understand the LGBT community. At the end of the day, we want the same thing – a safe, peaceful and united Singapore for all Singaporeans.

The tragedy that ‘chemsex’ drugs can cause

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Hendron has told how his partner’s death weighs heavily on his shoulders.

Last week, at the Old Bailey, Hendron pleaded guilty to two charges of possession with intent to supply Class B and Class C drugs. He will be sentenced in early May, with the judge telling him that “all sentencing options remained open”. BBC producer Alexander Parkin had earlier admitted two counts of supplying controlled drugs.

Should you aim for a job where you know there’s a national skills gap?

Recent research carried out by weather protection equipment company Stormline found that one in three Britons were unable to name any specific occupations where a skills gap existed. Those who were able to list skills gaps often got it wrong.

Anal Cancer and HPV: What Do Gay Men Need to Know?

People who haven’t had the HPV vaccine should be on the lookout for persistent symptoms in the anus that aren’t due to other medical issues like hemorrhoids or a herpes outbreak. “If you’re having pain or bleeding, or a bump that’s otherwise unexplained then you should seek immediate medical attention,” explains Palefsky.

Getting your PrEP online

If HIV is going to get inside the cells, it does so quickly; it takes about 30 minutes. However, it does not start to multiply for several hours. PrEP and PEP work by stopping this process. Without drug, HIV infection is established within a few days so it’s a big advantage to have drug in the tissues BEFORE a risk, but it is needed most in the few days AFTER the risk.

Sexual health cuts will cause STI ‘explosion’

“We’ve already seen the start of a potential explosion in syphilis and gonorrhoea in men who have sex with men, and it’s only a matter of time before the enthusiastic use of dating apps and antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea starts to have an effect on the heterosexual population,” he told The Guardian.

Chemsex linked to rising levels of HIV among gay men

Increases have been recorded for HIV and sexually-transmitted infection transmission among ‘chemsex’ party goers where NPS and other drugs are taken over a prolonged weekend period. The parties are usually sex parties primarily between men who have sex with men.