HIV 101 & Pre-Pink Dot Gathering

A huge thanks to everyone who turned up for my very first HIV 101 workshop last Saturday and I hope you guys enjoyed the pre-Pink Dot gathering too!!

The objective of the workshop is to share basic HIV knowledge with the participants and refresher course for the volunteers. Topics on body fluids, window period , PEP and etc. were being touched on.

Alex Tan

Alex Tan

MSM Programme Coordinator


The pre-Pink Dot gathering was a get-to-know each other session where new and current volunteers get to know each other. The volunteers got the first look of the gift that will be giving out this Saturday. So all of you out there, please keep a look out for our gift which is coming to you soon!!

Please stay tune for more upcoming workshops and gatherings soon!!

See you guys @ Pink Dot 2015.

Signing off, Alex Tan (MSM coordinator)