Reflections – Annual Report 2016

We did not receive any grants in 2016, yet, we continued. Through innovative programming, planning and the dedication of our volunteers, was able to carry on our mission to educate, support and advocate. Volunteers contributed about ten thousand man hours all together. This is for you.

Indignation x

Natural Education is a queer conference that gathers a range of speakers and interest groups for dialogue, aiming to expose the community to a diverse range of perspectives and ideas.

Seminar- Coffee, Tea or PrEP/PEP

Seminar- Coffee, Tea or PrEP/PEP. Registration is open now. Email will be send for confirmation due to the limited amount of seats available.

Mind, Body and Soul – Learning to do self care

We often see many couples who are happy with their relationships and lasting for a very long time. How do they maintain this type of relationship especially when most of the guys you know can’t even hold down a relationship? What is the secret if there is any for us to learn and explore.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

1 Ship, 2 ships, 3relationshipAvoiding STIs in any relationship



We often see many people who are happy being single or in a “monogamous” relationship or even in an open relationship. How do these people maintain a healthy relationship they’re in despite the rise of Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and other Sexually Transmitted Infections? What is the secret if there is any for us to learn and explore in any type of relationship we are in? This workshop will explore what it we can do to prevent ourselves from not only HIV but the other sexually transmitted infections we often ignored.


When: Saturday March 5,2016

Where: AFA office 9 Kelantan Lane #05-01 S208628

Time: 6pm-9pm

Light refreshment will be provided

Please register as soon as you can due to limited space. Thanks. 





Registration for Relationship Workshop 3

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I got rid of depression after embracing my homosexuality

One day I told myself that this is not going and on the day that I was getting out of the hospital I got into an arguing with my mom about everything that happened and I just lost it. I told her that I would no longer live the life she wants me to and that I have decided to be happy from then on.

HIV 101 & Pre-Pink Dot Gathering

A huge thanks to everyone who turned up for my very first HIV 101 workshop last Saturday and I hope you guys enjoyed the pre-Pink Dot gathering too!!

The objective of the workshop is to share basic HIV knowledge with the participants and refresher course for the volunteers. Topics on body fluids, window period , PEP and etc. were being touched on.

Alex Tan

Alex Tan

MSM Programme Coordinator


The pre-Pink Dot gathering was a get-to-know each other session where new and current volunteers get to know each other. The volunteers got the first look of the gift that will be giving out this Saturday. So all of you out there, please keep a look out for our gift which is coming to you soon!!

Please stay tune for more upcoming workshops and gatherings soon!!

See you guys @ Pink Dot 2015.

Signing off, Alex Tan (MSM coordinator)



AfA Look Back 2014

As the year draw to a close, we would like to take this chance to look back on a wonderful year, filled with activities, sweat and joy.

So here’s a huge thank you to all our volunteers, members and advocates. We couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s do it (even) better in 2015.


Song – Broke for Free – Night Owl

A Time to Celebrate with our Family

Christmas is a time to celebrate with our loved ones. We hosted our first Christmas party organised by our volunteers and held at AfA. We wanted to thank all the volunteers and new friends who came on Dec.22,2014 to exchange gifts, laughter and revel in each other’s company. May you all have a safe holiday and wish you the best for the coming New Year! From your MSM Programme staff  (Avin, Alex and Daniel).


Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs) Workshop

Think you know all the Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs)? How does it spread ? The symptoms? The stages for infections? The treatments and some even have vaccination to prevent you from getting them?

STIs workshop partnered with DSC Clinic on November 27, 2014 for our MSM volunteers and their friends. The workshop was very informative for the participants and many left with a different view of how easily the infections can be transmitted. The feedbacks were positives and some even shared on Facebook about what they had learnt.

“Attended a fruitful session on STDs. It’s very interesting to have a Doctor speaker and explain in more details on STD. Two types mainly, the viruses like herpes 2 and warts which will stay in our body even when symptoms are gone and bacteria type which covers the rest which can be cured. But that doesn’t mean it won’t come back, if u have even a deep kissing of mouth to mouth, you will still get syphilis! So get a regular partner(s) and reduce the risk. Even precum has viruses… Argh.. And your listerene doesn’t blast your mouth super clean after either. Know your risk, play your part.” – R.E

Want to know more about these Sexually Transmitted Infections? Click on the link below for more articles in our Survival Kit!

Missing out on our workshops? Do follow to know our upcoming workshops coming to you soon!!!