Relationship Series #4

“My Heart Will Go On” – Coping with breakups and separation


It is never easy for anyone who is going through a breakup when the separating decision was not theirs to make. No one said that breaking up is easy especially when you are on the receiving end. How do we tell ourselves that life will go on when we are lost and alone? This workshop will help us understand the coping mechanisms that we all have deep down inside. How can we train ourselves to understand the signs so that we can be more aware of our peers when they are facing similar situations? All new beginning will start somewhere, but we all must find our paths to recovery and carry on. [/av_one_half]

When: Saturday Oct. 25

Where: AFA office 9 Kelantan Lane #05-01 S208628

Time: 6pm-9pm

Light refreshment will be provided

Please register as soon as you can due to limited space. Thanks. 

Your all time break up songs.


Registration for Relationship Workshop 4

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